Spanish in Spain

If you wish to attend to a Spanish immersion course in Spain, the Alborz Spanish Language Institute, in collaboration with the Spanish Federation for Spanish Language Schools, FEDELE, can offer you this opportunity with Instituto Cervantes’ Accredited Centers and FEDELE members. These courses will allow you to pass easily the Spanish language international exams DELE or SIELE.
The academies that Alborz Spanish Language Institute is an agency partner are located in the cities of:

– Madrid
– Barcelona
– Salamanca
– Granada
– Sevilla
– Málaga
– Valencia

The duration of the courses can be from two (2) weeks to three (3) months upon request by the student. Besides the regular language courses, you can participate in conversation courses, grammar courses, TTC, DELE or SIELE preparation courses, preparation courses for the entrance exam (EBAU) for universities in Spain, culture and…
In case that you wish to receive more information o any advice, especially in order to choose the city to participate in the courses, get in touch with us. Our colleagues will provide you with all the required information.