Proficiency tests

In case you have studied Spanish before or you have lived in a Spanish speaking country and you are willing to continue studying with us, we offer you a specific type of proficiency test prepared by our team that will allow you to join the most suitable course for you.

How is the exam

These tests are meant to evaluate the oral and written expression, as well as the grammar. An interview will take place and, if required, a written test will be taken in order to define precisely the language level you have.

 The written test consists of 20 or 40 grammar and vocabulary questions, according to the CEFR levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2). Each exercise has a value of one point.

Also a small essay will be taken related to culture, environment, social life and other topics.

How long does it take

The proficiency test will be from thirty minutes to one hour.

How to participate

The proficiency tests are held always with prior notice and arrangement with the personnel, any day of the week and during those times when there are fewest classes. The information obtained as a result of the test will be confidential and will only be informed to the concerned student.

In order to participate in this test you can choose the online options or the in-person option.

Also those students of Alborz Spanish Language Institute who have finished one course and for some reason can not continue to the next course, have the possibility to do it within the next three (3) months without any proficiency test. After that time, they will have to take this test.