Proficiency tests

We have an specific format for the proficiency tests that has been drawn up by the Institute Managers.

The test involves several parts and skills:

Oral production, written production and grammar are evaluated in these tests.

The written test is composed by 20 to 40 grammar and/or vocabulary exercises, according to the CEFR levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2). Each exercise is worth one point. There will also be a short essay to be written about an specific subject, according to he DELE exams.

The oral part is according to the framework of the proficiency tests established for each CEFR level.


The proficiency test will be of one and a half hour-long.

Taking place:

The proficiency tests will take place always after notifying and coordinating with the secretaries, any day of the week and during the hours of less affluence of students. The information obtained by these tests will be kept confidential and the results will only be informed to the respective student.

Also, those students of the Alborz Spanish Language Institute that have finished one term and by any reason have decided not to continue, within six month, will be allowed to continue to the next level without any need of a proficiency test. In case that the six month are up, they will have to pass this exam in order to continue.

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