Our program

1. General Spanish courses

Curricular structure of the general courses

Our general Spanish courses are composed by six levels, according to the European Common Framework’s levels. It’s a flexible program that allows each student to define autonomously when and how to reach his/her learning goals. This program can be also combined with our offer of intensive courses.

Students number

The minimum number of students in each group will be four, while the maximum will be twelve.

Only the courses that complete the minimum number of students will take place. According to our experience, the inscription period is always open, therefore you can call any time and in a few days you will have the opportunity to participate in one of our courses.

Proficiency tests

Every person with some knowledge of Spanish and interested in our courses offer must take a proficiency test in order to determine the most adequate class to participate in. The price of the test is twenty thousand touman that will be paid before doing the test. After that, the student must call to the Institute in order to confirm the payment and schedule the exam.

The proficiency test is divided in two parts:

– The oral part consisting on an interview with the director or the studies coordinator of the institute.

– The writen part consisting on a multiple-choice test and a short essay.

The test will last about 60 to 70 minutes and will be corrected at the moment.


Level A1 (Comienza)

Level A2 (Continúa)

Level B1 (Progresa)

Level B2 (Avanza)

Level C1 (Consolida)

Level C2 (Perfecciona)

2. Intensive and super-intensive courses

3. Especial courses

4. DELE preparation courses

5. Private courses and for companies

6. Online courses

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