2. Intensive and extra-intensive courses

These courses have been particularly conceived for those students that are looking for a speedy progress in the Spanish language studies. Intensive courses take place only for A1 and A2 levels because of the difficulty of higher levels.

Intensive and extra-intensive courses are held in both forms online and in-person.

Number of students

The minimum number of students per group is five (5) in both forms, although the maximum number of students per class will be eight (8), for in-person classes, and ten (10) for online classes. The courses will be held once the minimum number of students has been reached.

Almost every four weeks a new course takes place, depending on the availability of space, teacher and the request of the students.

The details corresponding to the day and hours of the new courses is regularly published in the instagram of ASLI (@alborzinstituto)

The interested student should get in touch with the Registrations Department in order to obtain the required information and register, once the information of the new course has been published.

In the following tables you will find more information about the frequency of the classes, the amount of hours for each course and the objectives for each level:

Level A1 (Comienza)

Level A2 (Continúa)

These courses are highly demanded during the summer time by those students who are interested to study in or to travel to a Spanish speaking country in the near future.


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