If you need an international document order to certify the mastery of the Spanish language and you want to take part in the official exams, it would be essential to participate in one of the DELE or SIELE exam preparation courses.


DELE exams


The Spanish as a Foreign Language Certificate (DELE) is an official certificate that states the student's degree of competence and command in the Spanish language and is awarded by the Instituto Cervantes and the Sports, Culture and Education Ministry of Spain. The Instituto Cervantes is the responsible institution for organizing the celebration of the exams while the Universidad de Salamanca in Spain is in charge of preparing, correcting and evaluating all the exams.

The DELE preparation courses are held twice a year, in march-april and october-november, since the exam takes place twice a year in Iran. Generally, these courses are offered six weeks before the exam.


SIELE exams


SIELE, International Evaluation Service of the Spanish Language, certifies the grade of proficiency of the Spanish language through electronic means and is intended for students and professionals from the five continents.

It is promoted by the Instituto Cervantes, the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, the Universidad de Salamanca and the Universidad de Buenos Aires, thereby ensuring quality standards and good practices during the preparation of the tests and the use of different language variants in the Hispanic world.



The SIELE exam can be done any time of the year and at any hour. Our institute is SIELE examination center, so if you need to do this exam, don’t hesitate and get in touch with us to prepare you and help you choose the day and date more convenient for you.



The details corresponding to the day and hours of the preparation courses are regularly published in the Instagram of ASLI (@alborzinstituto)

The interested students should get in touch with the Registrations Department in order to obtain the required information and register, once the information of the new course has been published.



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