Course content for A1 beginners’ level

A1-2 course



Functional contents

Talk about the existence of someone or something, and about quantity

Ask and offer spatial information

Talk and ask about personal relations

Ask and offer personal information

Express possession

Describe people

Express needs, wishes and preferences

Ask and say the price of something

To thank and answer

Ask and give instructions about transport

Grammatical contents                                                                  

Indefinite article

Use of HAY + definite article + noun

Contractions for articles

Space markers

Verb ESTAR (to be)


Interrogative pronouns: Dónde, Qué, Cuántos/as

Possessive adjectives and adjectives to describe the physic and character of people

Use of the verbs SER, TENER, LLEVAR

Verb IR

Verbs NECESITAR, QUERER, PREFERIR + noun/infinitive

Prepositions A y EN with verbs of movement

Lexicographical contents and texts

Descriptive text

Data sheet

House vocabulary, staying and objects

Vocabulary related to the street and the neighborhood

The social network Facebook

Journalistic text

Vocabulary related to the family and social relations

Physical aspect, personality and clothes

A form to apply for a transport card

Tourist brochure

Information sheet


Vocabulary related to addresses and trips



Two famous streets in Madrid and Buenos Aires

Housing in Argentina and Spain

Chueca neighborhood in Madrid

The family: concept and structure

Famous people of the Hispanic world

The transport in Mexico and Barcelona

Travels to Malaga, San Sebastian and Cabo de Gata

Santiago de Chile: map and addresses

تغییر زبان