Nowruz 1397, especial dinner

Especial dinner. On March 12, 2018 the Alborz Spanish Language Institute offered a dinner to all the teachers and personnel on the occasion of the Persian New Year. In the dinner a summary of the ending year 1396 was made and the future projects for the New Year were also discussed.

Cultural week of Cuba in Iran

University of Tehran. From March 4 to 6, 2018 at the Faculty of World Studies of the University of Tehran took place the cultural week of Cuba in Iran to which our teachers and students were invited.

Concert: Music of the soul

Christmas concert “Music of the soul”. On September 27, 2017 a Christmas concert was hold at the Alborz Spanish Language Institute with Latin-American and Spanish songs played by the multinational band of Juan Bayón (Spain, clarinet), Pegah Khoei (Iran, guitar) and Rila Köksal (Turkey, ukulele).

Tehran tour, an educational walking

Educational walking “Tehran tour”. On November 24, 2017 a visit to historic and touristic places of the city of Tehran , such as Hasan Abad Sq., Moghadam´s Museum, National Garden and Masudieh House. The tour leader was the teacher Paulo Gervilla from the University of Almería.

Day of the dead at the Mexican Embassy

Day of the dead. On November the 2nd, 2017 the “Day of the Dead” was celebrated at the Mexican Embassy in Tehran. A remarkable amount of students from the Alborz Spanish Language Institute took part at the ceremony invited by the Ambassador.

2nd Cinema workshop

Cinema workshop. Film: “Also the rain”. On September 19, 2017 we hold the second cinema workshop that was given by the teachers María Lorena and Ali Ravanpak.

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