Course content for A1 beginners’ level

A1-1 course


Functional contents

Greetings and answering to a formal and informal greeting, to say good bye, introduce oneself and answer, talk to someone.

Ask and offer personal information: name, age, origin, place of residence, job, and studies.

Talk about your job and the place of work, daily activities

Express possession, belonging, sensations and feelings

Grammatical contents

Personal pronouns

Tú y Usted

Verb SER (to be)

Verb llamarse (for name)

Definite article

Genre and number of the noun

Relation between definite article and the adjective with the noun

Interrogative pronouns: ¿Cuál? ¿Qué? ¿Cuántos?

Present tense for regular verbs

Reflexive verbs

Verb TENER (to have)

Lexicographical contents and texts

Nationalities, livelihood in class, countries and working places

Colors, class objects, jobs

Descriptive texts, numbers from 1 to 100, daily activities, mathematical operations


Polite form of addressing in the Hispanic world

Spanish names and surnames

General information about Spain and its autonomous regions

Celebrities of Hispanic origin

Languages in Spain

تغییر زبان